nail / pad trimming
ear cleaning / plucking
shampoo / blow dry
hand brushing / combing
loose hair / undercoat removal
teeth brushing
anal gland expression
hand finished haircut


shampoo / crime rinse / brushing / towel dry / blow dry

teeth brushing
ear cleaning


Susan R:

"I have been taking our 7 month old Ellie to this place and we love them. The groomers are very kind and very good in doing what we want to be done. The groomers may not be fluent in English but the receptionist translates what we want to be done. Eliie always comes home fresh, and clean even if only the basic grooming was done i.e nail clipping, sanitary cut and trim a little bit on her face. I would highly recommend this place."

Nina k:

"I took my dog to this place twice so far and people there are so friendly and treat my pet like their pet. I felt very safe and happy when I brought my dog to there."

Full success stories

"As good as they get took my Bichon Frise he came out looking like he was ready for the run way to model."

P P.

"Took my Bichon Frise there the place is great.! The owner is very friendly and loves animals and knows what she is doing. The price is good! and I think they offer pick and delivery service too. The thing i like is that they don't keep the animals in small cages. they keep them in big play pens so they have space to move around. I will definitively keep coming back to this place and I will also tell my friends about it too."

Phil P.

"I took my dog Junior there! He is a bichon frise. the place is very nice and they are very nice they took excellent care of junior and he came out looking amazing! I recommend this place to everyone! They also offer pick up and delivery service. The price is cheap too! I have gone back multiple times and will continue to go back"

Phil P.

"I took my maltese to this place this weekend and was thoroughly pleased with the service. Not only was the price cheaper than I was used to, but the groomer did everything I asked. NIce folks.I will definitely be back.btw their logo is awesome! you'll see what i mean when you walk in the place!"

Luke K.