nail / pad trimming
ear cleaning / plucking
shampoo / blow dry
hand brushing / combing
loose hair / undercoat removal
teeth brushing
anal gland expression
hand finished haircut


shampoo / crime rinse / brushing / towel dry / blow dry

teeth brushing
ear cleaning

About professional Dog grooming

Searching for a place to get your precious dog groomed, but frustrated with mediocre service?

At Fancy Grooming, you'll be greeted with quality service as your dog will be thoroughly pampered and cared for by our certified and experienced groomers in a welcoming and pet-friendly environment, all within out ridiculously clean facility. come visit us in Fairfax City today, and end your search for good!

Why choose Fancy Grooming?

Fancy Grooming is a full service grooming salon that takes care of your dog as if it were our own. Please visit our gallery to see our wonderful clients that have joined the "Fancy Grooming Family" through the years.

Pet grooming is a very specialized service and business. All pets need to be handled patiently and lovingly to make their grooming experience pleasurable. From bathing to hand drying, clipping and scissoring, nails trimmed and having their ears scrubbed, it takes a team of seasoned trained pros to ensure your pets safety and outstanding results.